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Portland ACE

UPDATE! - A second-generation prototype was developed as part of the SPEC project, with support from PSU's CleanTech challenge. Click here to learn about the SPEC.

This project is an endeavor to use low-cost sensors to measure bicyclists' exposure to air pollution while cycling in motor vehicle traffic. I developed the sensor device using an Arduino micro-controller, which collects and sends 1 Hz data over Bluetooth to an Android device for processing, displaying, and logging. Data elements are

  • 3-D accelerometry
  • Lat/Lon (GPS)
  • Bicycle speed
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Distance to leading vehicle
  • Electrochemical gas sensors
  • Light-diffraction particle counters
  • Heart rate
This project was supported by an Innovation Grant form the Portland State University Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Portland ACE photo
Prototype Portland ACE
Reference Downloads

The latest Draft documentation is available here: July 2013

A presentation from the Western District ITE conference is here (July 2013).

A poster from a session for Innovation Program projects is here (March 2013).

A wiring schematic .png image and list of materials .pdf (August 2013).

data collection on Mt. Tabor
Data collection on Mt. Tabor
Arduino Downloads

Arduino source code available here in a .zip file (GNU General Public License). Source files also available on GitHub

Android Downloads

The Android application can simultaneously communicate with a separate worn heart/respiration rate monitor, displaying and logging 1Hz data. Currently supported are Zephyr's BioHarness 3 and HxM devices.

Although the ACE device has its own GPS unit, you can additionally use the phone's internal GPS for tracking through the ACE application. For this, Google's "My Tracks" application is required to be installed, and the permission set to allow 3rd-party access (under Settings). MyTracks Link
NOTE:The ACE application is compatible with the now-deprecated version 2.0.4 of MyTracks, not the latest version on Google Play. The previous version of MyTracks is available for download on this page, or directly with this .apk file

Portland ACE application (latest version: 2.3.2) for Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich'.

Portland ACE application (latest version: 2.3.2) for Android 2.1 'Eclair'.

Android source code available here in a .zip file (GNU General Public License). It also requires the MyTracks API/library from Google. Source files also available on GitHub

bike and bunkers
About Alex

Alex Bigazzi is a Ph.D. student in transportation engineering at Portland State University

Email: abigazzi_pdx_edu